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VEPP ensures that transparency in our policies exist for our students and those who administer these policies allowing for consistent interpretation and application throughout the institution and, as new types of learning opportunities emerge, allows for responsiveness on the part of the University in a changing educational environment.

The three general factors affect the transferability of credits: the subject matter, the institution where the credits were earned, and the course grade. 
  • Matter: Usually, courses taken in baccalaureate disciplines taught under the VEPP are readily transferable. Applicability to the degree for which a student is a candidate and comparability to an existing VEPP course may be used as factors for the acceptance or denial of transfer credit.
  • Transferring Institution:From Domestic Institutions, credit will be considered for courses taken at institutions which are accredited by an agency recognized by the HEC, Pakistan. Credits are more readily accepted from a collegiate institution with regional accreditation although credits earned at a collegiate institution with national or special accreditation will also be considered. Credits that meet the subject matter requirements outlined above will be considered on a course-by-course basis when earned at an institution lacking regional accreditation. Institutions that have been granted official candidacy status by a regional accrediting association will be accorded like treatment to those that are fully accredited.
    While from foreign institutions, credit will be considered for courses taken at foreign institutions that are formally recognized as an institution of higher education by a given country’s Ministry of Education. The same general parameters apply for course content and grades as they do for Pakistani credit consideration.
  • Course Grades: Only courses where a grade of C (2.0) or better was earned will be eligible for transfer. A grade of C- (1.7) or below will not be transfered. Transfer grades are not included in a student’s GPA, and transfer credits cannot be used to reduce grade-point deficiencies. For example, students majoring in accounting may transfer accounting courses without validating tests only if they are recorded with grades of “B” or better.
    Credit earned as pass/fail can be transferred only as elective credit. This credit does not apply to specific degree requirements other than total hours for graduation, and the University must determine that “P” (pass) equals 2.0 or better performance. For graduate courses, an even higher GPA may be required.
On-line courses and others offered electronically, are not categorically restricted, but may be refused based on instruction methodologies not equivalent to those under the VEPP.

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